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With Our Four Legged Friends.


Business Development

Full Day Retreats

Immerse your team in a retreat tailored to your company's unique needs and personality. From hands-on activities to focused personality assessments, we'll create exactly what your team needs to become accountable, authentic, and self aware.  We can improve employee engagement, discover and build on their emotional intelligence, making them top performers all while reaching your company's goals.

Giving direction is not always as easy as it seems!  How well does your team hear what you are actually saying?


Individual Coaching Personal and Professional

Not getting what you want out of life? Hire a personal Life Coach today to partner with you, and turn your goals and dreams into a reality.  Big or small, professional or pleasure, today's fastest growing business; Personal Coaches, are being hired by celebrities, executives, and even students to assist them in reaching their goals and chasing their dreams!

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At a cross roads in your life, career? Sign up today for a FREE 30 minute Coaching Session to learn if Coaching is right for you!


Behavioral Health and Wellness

Human emotions can often be complicated and challenging, and for many people, they can be difficult to identify, name or even feel. If you don't know what your're feeling, what it's called or why your're feeling it, having healthy relationships with others becomes problematic.  Today, this unique natural ability of the horse has made equine assisted learning the fastest-growing and most effective technique in the emotional rehabilitation of humans. 

Horses don't care who you are, what you've done, or what you believe.  They care only about how you behave with them. This  enables them to give unconditional acceptance to a troubled person who is revealing his or her true self.

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Building Trust
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Communicating directions is not as easy as it  would appear!

Meet Shan and Jess

Founder of Mane Gate Coaching, Shan is a Master Certified Coach  (MCC) with a BS degree in Social Work.

She brings to her work an insightful, thoughtful, straight-forward, genuine approach, and facilitates remarkable and lasting change in her clients.  She loves working with people and is touched and honored by those who are willing to share their lives; both personally and professionally with her.  Her mission is to better the world by teaching people to unlock their potential, find their life's purpose, and live it authentically.  

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"The two most important days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why."
Mark Twain
  Our Blog will engage you in creating positive, authentic change in your life.  It will guide you on how to find the real, genuine details that make your heart pound, and provide you with the encouragement to create the change you currently desire in both your professional and personal life.


Business Development Retreats
Individual Coaching 
Plus Other
Horse Assisted Programs

Whether you just want to take a peek inside or ready to open the Gate and explore, there are many personal options to choose from!  Click here to select what works best for you.

Team building with horses



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