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About Shan and Jess

Shan Bengtson

Founder of Mane Gate Coaching, is a Master Certified Coach  (MCC) with a BS degree in Social Work, and is a certified EAGALA Practitioner.

Shan brings to her work an insightful, thoughtful, straight-forward, genuine approach, and facilitates remarkable and lasting change in her clients.  She loves working with people and is touched and honored by those who are willing to share their lives with her both personally and professionally.  Her mission is to better the world by teaching people to unlock their potential, find their life's purpose, and live it authentically.  

By building a partnership relationship with her clients, Shan specializes in working with clients who are in transition.   She successfully accomplishes this in two different ways.  First, helping her clients define their dreams, values, and identify any challenges and/or fears that may be preventing them from reaching them.  Then to further deepen the process, and teach her clients the value of being authentic,  with the help of her three assistants; Doc, Jet, and Willie (her horses) help her clients increase their awareness of  unconscious behavior patterns, and develop the self-confidence, stress management, and assertiveness skills that leads to increased success in their relationships, career, school, and parenting.

Shan, inspired by her own evolution and wanting to help others achieve their dreams, offers a variety of

services with or without horses.

Jess Tomsen

Jessica Tomsen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, licensed in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. She has been working with Mane Gate since April 2021, and loves it so far! She has been trained in the EAGALA model (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association), and utilizes different approaches to fit the client’s needs while incorporating the horses into the session.


She has experience working in several different types of settings throughout her career, spanning from inpatient psychiatry, housing, elderly and disabled adults, crisis work, and children and families.


Jessica enjoys spending time outside, doing an array of different activities with the clients AND the horses.  She strongly believes that using metaphors and allowing for an experiential approach in the pasture is the best way to tackle many of life’s roadblocks. Her favorite thing about Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is that the client is able to lead their own sessions, and the experience that they have is truly personal, as all learning should be.


Jessica is very busy keeping up with her husband, two children, and Beagle Snoop. She spends her free time traveling, hiking, eating at restaurants with friends and family, and cooking or baking new recipes at home. She does not currently have her own horses… yet. So, she thoroughly enjoys spending time with Shan’s herd.


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Our Specialties


Discovering One's Authenticity.

Unlocking Personal and Professional Potential.

Creating New Strategies for Success and Fulfillment.

Building Stable Relationships.

Increasing Self Awareness.

Increasing Emotional Intelligence Skills.

Developing Accountability & Collaborative Action.

Greater Awareness of Communication Strengths & Gaps.

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