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What Makes A Great Life Coach?

Definition: You may find yourself asking first, "What is a Life Coach?" before you even contemplate what would make a Great one! First of all, a Life Coach is your partner in life. They will sit beside you not in front or behind. They will assist you in uncovering effective methods for achieving your goals. They will invent new possibilities that respect you and your values. They thrive to create trustworthy authentic relationships that will endure throughout your sessions. They will embrace who you are, and honor and celebrate your achievements with you.

In today's world, it appears everyone and anyone can call themselves a Coach. But, a Great Life Coach, a Mastery Coach, is authentically different! To be considered a Great Coach, one must be approachable, empathetic, and trustworthy. They have a curious mind, good intuition, and supportive nature that allows you to be you as you transform your life in any area you so desire. A Great Coach believes that everyone already has all they need within themselves to create and succeed in living a life they love. A Great Coach can relate with others in such a way that they feel an immediate connection to them and can articulate with passion what they have to offer. A Great Coach will seek results, support, and hold you accountable. A Great Coach will allow you to dig deeper into your desires, ask thought provoking questions and support you as you uncover your passions, and find your authentic self. They will not judge, direct, nor push. They truly develop a partnership relationship with you, and assist you in creating the changes in your life you want to enhance.

Skills: The greatest skill a Great Coach will have is listening. Although this may seem elementary, honestly, it can be very challenging. Through good listening, a Great Coach is able to know when to pause, when to ask thought provoking questions, or when to celebrate the client's greatness and gifts. To do this, a Great Coach needs to be fully present and focused on what the client is actually saying. A Great Coach can then determine if the client is staying in alignment with their agenda, can distinguish underlying beliefs, recognize incongruities in their language; emotions, and actions and then guide them thru an ontological process to achieve their desired goals. A Great Coach will let you know every morning that you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them! A Great Coach will assist you in discovering them, chasing them, and then living them!

Style: Style techniques will vary from Coach to Coach, therefore it is recommended to find a coach that aligns with you and your desired goal. I believe a Great Coach needs to be compassionate, open, curious, and flexible in order to meet the client where they are presently at. A Great Coach can adapt easily, is creative, and has the drive to make you be the best version of you!

Presence: A very important part of coaching is being present. A Great Coach is prepared, awake, aware, curious, and can dance in the moment with you. They can feel your sorrow, share in your happiness and celebrate your big and even small accomplishments. They stay focused on the finish line and enjoy the journey with you.

Process: A Great Coach uses an ontological approach that walks the client thru the whole process of Life Coaching. It is creative, inspiring and empowering which helps their clients make long-term changes that will benefit them throughout their lives. This process allows a Great Coach to take an intimate look at who the client is and raise their awareness of how they are responding to the world around them. A Great Coach can light the flame within their client. Together, they can create and manifest a meaningful authentic life they love.

Ethics: A Great Coach has high ethical standards. They are trustworthy and hold your stories confidential and sacred. They take notes, teach you accountability and conduct themselves in a professional heart centered way.

Working with a Life Coach is a very empowering experience. Not only is it fulfilling and rewarding, but it provides the support system that most people are missing and in need of. Life is too short to be anything but happy, engage a Life Coach today, you deserve it!

For more information and contact information please visit my website:

Feeling stuck, unsure, life is too short to be anything but happy!  Work with a Life Coach today!

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