I've been thinking a lot about change lately. We are faced with constant changes throughout our life, on a daily basis. Some people have a difficult time with change. Some people embrace it. I am one of those that embraces change, for the most part. I am bored easily and like to shake things up every now and again! Don't get me wrong, I like some degree of structure and routine-it keeps me grounded, but change, in a general sense, is kind of exciting to me. Unless it's about changing myself. Then it's just plain old hard. For Shan and I, and our herd, change is the essence of our work. Our work is about supporting people to make changes....changes to how they think and act. I like

We Can Do Hard Things!!

Thanks to all for the positive feedback on my last blog! It feels good to hear those positive comments about the work than Shan and I are doing, and how "amazing" we are for making it happen for ourselves. It feels good to hear those things, because starting this business has not been easy. It has been hard, frustrating, irritating, confusing, mind-boggling......the list goes on. I think Shan and I have both gone through bottles of Ibuprofen taken to ease headaches of thinking really hard! :) I have been referred to as stubborn and bull-headed. My mother called me "pig-headed". I prefer to say I "persevere". Whatever you call it, Shan and I both have it/do it. We have had set-backs.

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